Pregnancy massage and aromatherapy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of life, full of physical and emotional changes.  However, sometimes you might find you need some help adapting to these changes.

Regular aromatherapy massage can help by:


  • reducing the aches and pains due to the physical changes you'll experience
  • lowering your blood pressure
  • reducing your emotional stress and anxiety
  • improving your sleep


The more relaxed and engaged with your body you are, the happier you and your baby will be.

To ensure the benefits of your treatments are longer lasting, I can:

  • teach you how best to position and support your body for a restful and comfortable night’s sleep; reducing the stress on soft tissues, ligaments and joints
  • tailor make aromatherapy products to help with pregnancy related skin complaints such as acne, itchiness and stretch marks
  • provide personalised aromatherapy blends for use in labour, to help you feel more relaxed and confident


To be truly effective I know it is essential to tailor your treatment to you and your unique experiences of pregnancy.  This is why any essential oils used in your treatments will be blended specifically for you, and your massage will be adapted to your needs to ensure effectiveness, safety and comfort throughout.  Treatments are also available without the use of essential oils.


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