What to expect

How many treatments will I need?


The number and frequency of treatments will be dependent on what is being treated and what will work best for you both in commitment of time and finances.


When working on reducing pain, a course of six treatments will usually be sufficient to have a substantial impact.  I recommend that you initially come for weekly treatments.  After about three treatments we should start to see some improvement and be able to begin slowly increasing the time between treatments.  After your initial six treatments I would recommend you come for regular maintenance treatments at a frequency that is convenient for you, but ideally once every 4-8 weeks.  I recommend maintenance treatments to maintain good health and to help prevent your issue from returning,


When working with other conditions my aim would again be to increase the length of time between treatments but progress may be quicker or slower depending on both the type of condition and weather it is acute or chronic.

Whatever your treatment goal, if you are not seeing results I will be happy to recommend an alternative therapy and/or therapist where appropriate.

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