What to expect

What is remedial massage?


Remedial massage is the use of different techniques to manipulate the body tissues for a specific therapeutic effect.  The treatment is tailored to your individual requirements and adapted based on your response to the treatment.  This type of treatment is much more collaborative than a relaxation massage.  I will need feedback from you throughout much of the treatment.  Within my treatments my aim is to help relieve your pain without making you want to leap off the couch!  Remedial massage can be effective while also being enjoyable and even relaxing.


Remedial massage isn't just for the young and sporty.  Remedial massage can be an effective therapy for most people when adapted appropriately and is useful in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.  If you are working with other professionals I am happy to work in collaboration with them.  For details on how many treatments you are likely to need please read my How many treatments will I need? page.

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