What to expect

What will happen in my treatment?


At an initial treatment I will carry out an in depth consultation with you to ensure that within the treatment I am working both effectively and safely.  At the beginning of subsequent treatments we will catch up to find out if anything has changed, if there has been any improvement in the area we are working on and if there was anything from the last treatment that could be changed to improve the outcome and your comfort and enjoyment.


Following your consultation or catch up, I will offer you a selection of essential oils to smell, and between us we will determine what blend will benefit you the most.  It is especially important that you are involved in this process, and that you like the blend, if part or all of the aim of the treatment is to help you with stress and any associated conditions.  This is because people can react very differently to scents depending on their past associated experiences.  I will mix the selected essential oils with a carrier oil, such as grapeseed or almond oil, so that it is ready to be used for your massage.


Once your blend has been created, we will also discuss the types of massage techniques that I would like to use so that you have some idea of what to expect.

This might include a combination of some shiatsu, gentle effleurage, deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and stretching.  The massage will be tailored to your needs on the day.  I will then instruct you on which items of clothing to remove, usually down to your underwear, and how to position yourself on the massage couch.  I will then leave the room to allow you some privacy while you get undressed and onto the couch. While lying on the massage couch you will be covered at all times with a sheet and/or towels and blankets.  Additional blankets are available if you are susceptible to feeling the cold.  I will only remove these covers to expose the area of the body that I am working on at that moment in time.


I will then begin to massage you using your personalised blend of essential oils.

Throughout the massage respectful and ethical behaviour is expected of both myself and any client.  I must stress that this is your treatment so if at any point you feel uncomfortable or in excessive pain please speak up and I will stop so that we can adjust your position or the pressure and/or the technique I am using.  Equally if you do not find the level of pressure to be enough please let me know. Occasionally during a massage treatment you may become emotional and feel the need to cry or shout or may simply feel overwhelmed.  This is perfectly natural and if this happens I will stop and check in with you to find out how best to proceed.  Some people prefer to continue with their treatment, some may want to take a break or stop the treatment completely.  Some may want to talk and others might want to be given some time alone.  


Having finished your massage, I will leave the room to allow you to get dressed.  If you have low blood pressure or are unable to get up off the couch easily due to injury, I will assist you into a sitting position wrapped in your towel, before leaving you to get dressed.

Once you are dressed it is helpful for us to assess if your aims for the treatment have been addressed, talk about any feedback you might have and anything that you could be doing between treatments that might be beneficial.

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